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Are  you  addict  to social networking site? Do you join orkut, facebook or hi5 and used  to  have some activities  like  posting, scrapping, uploading etc?  If yes, you  will surely  like  paid  to  post  program.  And  if  you have not, no problem. The  two social networking sites i have to show you are very unique, why? you may ask. Because these sites pay you when you post!!!.  

I recommended Paid to Post than most of the paid to click because you can reach minimum payout faster and you can always share ideas with other people, rather than just click and click. Enough of reading!!! below are my sites.

1.Mylot       Mylot is a forum like any other...but the catch is you got paid by posting, replying to a post etc. At mylot, you can "discuss topics about anything and everything under the sun". You can build a profile, communicate with and make new friends. You can  read  and  dicuss  the news. You can also search and find with Yahoo. They also have  a  referral  program. To  earn  money  you  have  post   discussions, respond to discussions , comment  on discussions , or perform searches.  But  you have to post quality  content  in a  few  sentences. And you refer your friends. For each person you send to  myLot  you will receive a bonus  equal to 25% of  their  discussion and image earnings. You will get paid monthly with a minimum account balance of $10. You have the option to increase your minimum payment to $25, $50 or $100. All payments will be in US dollars and made via PayPal, depending on the country you reside in.

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2. Linkstoxx  The Network Stock one the first social networking website to pay its members for their contribution and performance. Specifically, Linkstoxx involves a monthly sum is shared among members, depending in number of contacts, loyalty, participation in group discussion etc.. At the end of the month, this amount is shared between members in proportion to the acquired points, and repaid in hard cash!

Every time you bring someone new, you receive 0.35 euro for that. There is no minimum payout, payment are made monthly through paypal. Although the langauge here is in French, you can use google translator for your understanding of the site.  

Payment proof : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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3. Mypage5       They have claimed in there site that they are " the MOST FINANCIALLY REWARDING social networking site in the world.What more can i say? First of all if a new member sign up and upload his or her profile picture they will get $5. Thats just for the start in fact you will be rewarded for each and every activities you have carries in the site.Be it uploading, starting a group, commenting, chatting etc you will get a reward of $1c to $2c. You can also create free blog in the site itself, and you will be rewarded $4c. Payment is by Paypal and Payout is $25. What are you waiting for...? 

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4. Apsense     Apsense is a business social network where people get paid to come together to share their business...,Imagine a place where you have all the tools you need to make your business grow and get paid for using it. User can share there business through networking, exploring, and creating quality business content.

                     Make money while building your network. When anyone from your network accumulates their first $25 in their Apsense account you will get upto $5. When your referral upgrade, you get upto 50% cash commission, monthly residual income.

                    Make money while creating quality contents. Apsense helps your current business grow by enabling you to create contents for your business, at the same time, these contents can generate a lot of advertising money for you! Apsense unique ad network includes a profit sharing system that pays out up to 85%.

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