What is Freelancing

In Freelancing we have two different people who need each other. First, the one who have available works and the second who want to do the works. So these people came together in a site, which we called freelancing site.  

What kind of works are available?

Almost anything on the internet. Programming, Web Design, Content Writing, Article Writing, Data Entry etc.

How will i get work?

Go to the sites register and login, and search for the available jobs and bid. Its very important to bid carefully. Because you may or may not get that job depending on how you bit. For starter always start low.

How much will i be paid?   

Its depend on your work, ranging from $2 to $200 may be less may be much more also.



Here are the sites that you can join for free :-

  •   Freelancer                   This is most common freelancing site that is available and recommended by everyone. Its free to join and you can upgrade membership to get more benefit. They have many test to improve your cv also.                      
  •    Odesk                              This is also trusted site and lots of work available. There are many test like English efficiency, PHP, HTML etc.                 
  •    Triond                           Article Writing


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