What is E-currency?

It is an electronic payment processor with which you can send and receive money in the net.


Why do i need to open an account?

Most of the work from home jobs required this payment processor for you and for them to send money. Its easy , simple and fast.


What can i do with it?

You can send money to anyone, receive money from anyone, withdraw money to your bank account/e-card, add fund to it from your bank account/e-card, buying, selling etc.


Is it secure to open e-currency an account and have an online transaction?

This payment processor are created and run by reputed companies having several type of security and are trusted and used by millions of people over the net. You do not have to exposed your card every time you want to buy something, you can just used your e-currency account.  


Is it free to open an account?

Yes it is, but a minimal fee maybe charge when there is transaction.


Here are the two most common e-currency available in the net, sign up now to be able to send and receive money securely on the net.


Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.


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