Affiliate Marketing  is  where a person, usually called an affiliate or publisher, brings a  customers to a company's  website  and is paid  commissions on anything those customers buy. You can either build a website that sells products or you can just advertised the product in your website. For starter i recommended you place the advertisement in your website or blog.

Who is internet marketing for?

Affiliate marketing is for people who have own a website or blog and have some experience in running the site.

How much can i make?

It depends on the type of affiliate you are, generally 10-50 per day.

What is Affiliate Marketing and who are Affiliates?

There are various Companies which form time to do various sales or brand promotion on internet. Promotion can be anything like a campaign to build a brand, a campaign to promote sales , or let’s say  a  campaign  to  make  people  aware of its services. Now Internet is a diversified field with no single  mode  of  promotion as we have in traditional world like newspaper or television, hence the way  to promote these brands or products is   a little   different   on the   net. Moreover   one can   not expect a  company to recruit  thousands  of  people  to  promote  its campaigns over millions of websites on the net and pay huge bills in terms of manpower cost and operational overheads. It is here that people like you and us comes into picture.

How can i have a website?

You  can create your website at many free site like webs, yola etc. I have used ndotnu which is very easy to used. You can also create blog at blogger or wordpress. 

How do i promote my website?

You   can promote   your site in many  ways like  using as  your signature link in a forum, telling your friend about your site and giving them link through mail and social networking sites, using traffic exchange and using classified post.




Which program can i apply for?

There are many program to apply like  google (adsense) ,  paydotcom,  commission junctionclickbank and bidvertiser etc. Google  adsense  is  the most common and simplest  way to  be an affiliate  but its not  easy to get google adsense account as  for starter  unless  you  run  your website for atleast 6 months and have good content in it. And pdc, cj, cb etc are a little bit complicated for starter, so i recommended bidvertiser, simple and easy to be an affiliate.

You will have to sign up as publisher(affiliate) if you have website and read the term and frequently asked question. You will have no problem, very easy to learn and understand.

After finish sign up, put your site link in the publisher page and get your code, the code should be pasted in your site source code. Then Bidvertiser ad will start to appear in your site, when people visit and click the ad you will earn commission. Thats it....try it yourself now.


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