Paid To Click

What is PTC ?

PTC or Paid to click is a site where you can earn money by clicking advertisement. Advertiser pay money to advertised there website on PTC site. A part of that money goes to you as a member who click that advertisement and part of it goes to the owner of that PTC site.

How much will i earn from PTC ?

Earning mainly ranges from $0.005 to $0.01 per one advertisement click. Lets say you have 4 ads to click and at the rate of $0.01 you will be earning $0.04 per day.

Thats a slow earning rate! How can i earn more?

The catch is to have lots of referral or down-line under you. Mostly you will earn 50% of what you earn from your referral. So if you have 25 referral who click 4 ads daily at the rate of $0.005 you will be earning $0.54 per day. That means $16.20 per month. What if you have 50 referral or 100 referral!

I still want to earn more!

You have two option one is buying upgrade and another is renting referral. Its best to upgrade and rent referral rather than rent referral without upgrade. If you upgrade you will be earning double amount of what you earn as a standard member. Lets say you earn $0.005 from your referral as a standard member, if you upgrade you will earn $0.01 from your referral.

What kind of membership are available?

Mostly standard, golden and elite. Standard is always free. Golden ranges from $70-90. elite $700-800. It may look costly but it is not. Lets say you are golden for 1 year and rent 100 referral who click 2 ads daily (many of them may not click 4 ads everyday, so lets take avg of 2) you will be earning $62.40 per month (without the earning of direct referral). So you will get your investment back in no time. And you will be enjoying pure profit later on.

What are referral?

Good question! Referral are the most important part of earning money online. Referral are your downline who earn money for you. In PTC, we have two types of referral; direct and rented. Direct referral are your downline, who register using your referral link. Rented referral are those rented by you. You can rent referral by paying small fee for example 0.08 per referral for 30 days.

How to get direct referral?

Please click here for details

What is the difference between Aurora and Bux?

At aurora site earning rate is low, ranging from $0.0001 to $0.0025. But there are lots of ads available to click and minimum payout is also low, ranging from $0.01 to $1.5. Aurora usually includes paid to click, paid to sign up, paid to promote and traffic exchange.

On the other hand bux site earning ranges from $0.005 to $0.02. Minimum payout is from mostly $2. Usually bux site do not have ptsu, ptp and te.

I have earn money what next?

After you have reach minimum cash out, you can transfer to your payment processor or e-currency. Sign up to PAYPAL and ALERTPAY . After that you can transfer to your bank account.

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